History of the Healing Service

The weekly Healing Service at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, commenced on 28 September 1960, and led by one of the clergy at the Cathedral (Canon Jim Glennon). The Service at St Andrew's Cathedral grew from a small weekly Bible Study group to become a weekly Healing Service (and congregation). From this small group, the Healing Service grew with ever-increasing numbers. The Healing Service was characterised by the congregation members praying for each other and a desire for people to depend on God in prayer.

One of the outstanding aspects of the Healing Service is the wonderful atmosphere of love that welcomes people as they enter the Cathedral. It is common for people who have come into the Cathedral with great needs and walk out knowing and understanding the blessing they have received in knowing Jesus and the knowledge of Him through the Holy Spirit’s work.

The weekly Healing Service at St Andrew’s Cathedral is one of the largest continuing Healing Service’s in the world and is now in its 54th year. When Canon Jim Glennon A.M. retired in 1988 he was succeeded by Canon Jim Holbeck who retired in June 2006. Canon Christopher Allan continues the tradition as a member of the St Andrew's Cathedral, leading the Healing Ministry on a Wednesday night and at The Healing Ministry Centre, Golden Grove.