What Do We Believe?

The Healing Ministry:

  • believes that nothing is impossible for God.
  • believes in acting on God's provision for healing through prayer with laying on of hands and anointing.
  • encourages growth in peoples' personal relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord.
  • affirms the body's natural power of healing
  • supports medical knowledge and skills to assist healing and relief of pain. We never encourage anyone to ignore the advice of doctors, cease taking prescribed medication or make any comment with regards to medicine or trained medical advice.
  • believes the supreme authority of the Holy Scriptures as the sole rule of faith.
  • trusts in the absolute and final work of Jesus' death to bring us total salvation.

The Healing Ministry seeks to grow Christians in every area of their lives by:

  • Knowing peace with God so that one can relate to Him intimately and experience the Father’s love.
  • Knowing the salvation that comes through trust in Jesus.
  • Knowing an inward peace that enables one to cope and conquer some of the major problems we have:
    • Physical illness of all kinds.
    • Emotional needs such as anger, grief, disappointment, depression, fear of failure.
    • Bondage to various addictions such as alcoholism, eating disorders, smoking, gambling etc.
    • Relationship difficulties at home, work and all other relationship issues.
    • Building up self esteem and confidence to be able to face the different challenges in life.